CMV Driver Basics for Entry-Level - DVD/VHS Training

CMV Driver Basics for Entry-Level - DVD/VHS Training
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Product Description

Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington have adopted the entry-level driver training requirements in Part 380, Subpart E for intrastate operations.

Motor carriers in these states that have entry-level drivers involved in intrastate operations must train these drivers per Part 380, Subpart E requirements. Easy-to-use and ready-to-deliver, this program is designed to help you meet the training requirements for entry-level CMV drivers (49 CFR Part 380). It's also great training for your veteran drivers!

The program focuses on the four specific topics that must be covered in driver training:

* Driver Qualification * Driver Wellness * Hours of Service* * Whistleblower Protection

The CMV Driver Basics training program includes the following components:

* (1) 40-minute, closed-captioned video - Available on DVD (with extra bonus features) or VHS, the program combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.

* (1) Trainer's Guide - Gives answers to the encounter scenarios and suggested comments to potential outcomes based on drivers' reactions. Includes quizzes and excercises to reinforce key points and measure trainees' understanding.

* (11) Driver Handbooks - Increases the effectiveness of your training by providing an easy-to-read review of the four required areas of training. Includes perforated receipt to provide proof of training for driver files.

* (10) Certificates of Training

* (1) Training Register

* (1) Awareness Poster

NOTICE: 49 CFR 380, Subpart E states that all entry-level drivers who drive in interstate operations and are subject to the CDL requirements must receive entry-level driver training. An entry-level driver is defined as a driver with less than one year of experience operating a CMV with a CDL in interstate commerce.